Friday, December 13, 2019

News / DT 7 / 2009

Spends more aid at home

The Norwegian government announces in its revised fiscal budget for 2009 an increase in aid funding by NOK 200 million, targeting countries hit by the financial crisis. A close reading reveals that an even larger amount will in fact be spent in Norway.

Finnish Ministry staff pressured to tie aid

Foreign Ministry staff in Helsinki report that they feel pressured to give priority to aid projects that make use of Finnish personnel and technology. Development Minister Väyrynen’s involvement in detail is slowing down the decision-making process at the Ministry.

Sacrifices indigenous people’s rights in UN forest, climate negotiations

In its recent submission to the UN on reducing carbon emissions from deforestation (REDD), Norway appears to weaken its position on indigenous people’s rights. The Oslo-based NGO Rainforest Foundation says this violates Norway’s international legal obligations.

Mozambique: Review criticises growing donor bureaucracy

Three Scandinavian watch dogs warn in a joint review against the growing donor bureaucracy in Mozambique’s capital, Maputo. There is a risk that this large donor group is starting to behave like a shadow government in Mozambique.

Finland withdraws from prison sector in Afghanistan

Finland has cancelled a EUR 1 million tender for construction of a prison in Afghanistan, after it was discovered that a women’s prison built with Finnish aid funds was being used as a brothel. The Foreign Ministry decided to withdraw from the prison sector entirely.

Sweden launches Climate Commission

The Swedish Development Minister Gunilla Carlsson launched the report of the Climate Commission in New York May 15. The focus on the report is on adaptation efforts, as opposed to mitigation.