Saturday, November 16, 2019

News / DT 8 / 2009

Donors consider crisis package for Palestinian Authority

A donor meeting in Oslo did not resolve the financial crisis of the debt-ridden Palestinian Authority. But a USD 120 million crisis package is under consideration. Norway has indicated more funding if other donors come along. Islamic aid agencies will meet in mid-June in Jeddah to discuss a mechanism for providing support to Gaza.

Danes push ahead Africa Commission agenda

The Danish aid adminstration is pushing to get initiatives proposed by the Africa Commission off the ground. Full implementation will depend on other donors joining in.

Green Resources receives IFC, Norwegian support

The Norwegian forest carbon company Green Resources has received USD 18 million in loans from IFC for its Sao Hill tree farm project in Tanzania.

Auditor frowns on Sida and Swedfund’s use of tax havens

The Swedish Auditor General calls for a review of the engagement of the aid agency Sida and Swedfund in local investment funds located in tax havens. It reports profits for the two agencies from such funds at more than USD 3 million.

One step closer to a Nordic Embassy in Kabul

At the meeting of Nordic Foreign Ministers in Reykjavik, the ministers confirmed their commitment to closer cooperation among Nordic diplomatic missions as a way of strengthening the “efficiency and influence" of Nordic countries in international affairs.