Sunday, December 15, 2019

DT 9-10 / 2009

Danes, Swedes freeze aid to Zambia. Millions more in budget support at risk

The two Nordic donors have frozen DKK 100 million in aid funds to Zambia after revelations of embezzlement in the health sector and suspected irregularities in the road sector. Millions more in budget support funding are now at risk.

Aid and climate. Swedish EU Presidency to play crucial role

The definition of aid could face dramatic change as climate grants for developing countries are negotiated in the months leading up to the Copenhagen Summit. The Swedish EU Presidency will play a key role in setting the new rules.

World Bank reform. Europe defends strong position on Board

The process of reforming the governing system of the World Bank is moving slowly forward. A proposal to include funding commitments to the Bank in the new formula on voting power would soften the impression of too many Europeans on the Board.

Sweden imposes ban on use of tax havens for channelling aid

A temporary ban has been issued on Sida and Swedfund's use of tax havens for channelling aid funds, pending the formulation of a new Swedish policy on aid and tax havens.

No to Naps. Non-Norwegian firms kept out of NOREPS

The solar equipment supplier Naps Oy does not qualify for NOREPS because it is Finnish. Innovation Norway is preparing a recommendation on the status of non-Norwegian firms in the network.