Thursday, December 12, 2019

DT 1 / 2010

GAVI enters its second decade with multi-billion dollar funding gap

The Geneva-based GAVI vaccine alliance plans a huge expansion of its programmes amid financial uncertainty among government donors. To pay for new activities over the next five years, GAVI will have to raise up to USD 4 billion - an amount equivalent to its total spending over the last decade.

Lack of EU membership colours Norway’s aid policy

Norwegian aid policy is strongly marked by efforts to compensate for the fact that Norway is not an EU member. This has resulted in Norwegian aid becoming fragmented and thinly spread.

Gates announces USD 10b vaccine grant, but how much for GAVI?

In January 2000 in Davos, Bill and Melinda Gates stunned traditional donors by putting up an initial USD 750 million that launched the GAVI vaccine alliance.

OECD’s climate headache: measuring ‘additionality’

In Copenhagen last month, rich countries agreed to provide USD 10 billion a year between now and 2012 in new and additional climate aid resources. The question is: additional to what? Now it is up to the OECD, which monitors aid disbursements, to set the rules for how “additionality" is to be measured.