Tuesday, December 10, 2019

DT 3 / 2010

Swedes hold strong position, Norway wiped out of markets in aid-funded countries

Norwegian industry has been knocked out of the markets in African countries that are main recipients of Norwegian aid, a review of Swedish and Norwegian trade figures for Africa by Development Today shows. Swedish exporters seem to do quite well in these countries, in spite of increasing competition over the last decade.

UNDP attacks critical review by its key donors

The UN’s key reform agency UNDP attacks a critical scrutiny carried out by important donors of the organisation. Some donors use the study as a tool when deciding on support to multilateral agencies. Three other agencies are covered in the study, but only UNDP has chosen a confrontational line.

Swedish Auditor General targets budget support to Mali

In an investigation of Swedish budget support to Mali, the Auditor General concludes that Sida has insufficient documentation to determine whether aid funds are being used in a proper way.

Finnish committee splits over climate additionality

Finland must decide whether climate aid promised in the Copenhagen Accord should come on top of the country’s planned aid increases towards 0.7 per cent of GNI by 2015. Members of the multi-party Development Policy Committee are divided in their message to the government.