Monday, December 16, 2019

DT 6 / 2010

Competitors fear Yara will gain fertiliser monopoly in Tanzania

Donors and private firms in Tanzania are demanding an explanation from the Norwegian fertiliser giant Yara about how it has obtained land in the harbour of Dar es Salaam from the government without a tender. Firms in the fertiliser market fear this will give Yara a monopoly on fertiliser imports. Questions about the controversial deal have ended up at the Prime Minister’s Office.

Eva Joly hails cross debarment deal as ‘tremendous achievement’

Five multilateral development banks have signed a landmark agreement that harmonises their anti-corruption policies. Firms found guilty of corruption by one of the banks can now be blacklisted by all of them.

Norway, the ‘new guy’ among donor heavyweights in Haiti

At the March 31 donor meeting on reconstruction aid to Haiti, Norway pledged a level of support that makes it a top bilateral donor to the process. “We are coming in with no other political agenda than to be helpful," says Norway’s Special Envoy to Haiti Halvor Sætre.

Danes open for cooperation with Afghan militia groups

The Danish government recently released a new plan for its engagement in Afghanistan, the so-called Helmand Plan for 2010, which sets benchmarks for what Denmark aims to achieve. The plan paves the way for more cooperation with Afghan security forces and even opens for cooperation with militia groups under certain circumstances.