Tuesday, December 10, 2019

DT 7 / 2010

World Bank management criticised for 'lack of neutrality' in reform process

Nordic donors are not happy with the outcome of the World Bank voting power reform. Both African countries and Europe lost out in the process. Some donors now fear the Bank's development mandate will be weakened after changes in voting power drastically reduced their influence.

Ministry considers rule change to bring in new NGOs

The Swedish government wants new players in civil society to have access to Sida’s NGO information budget. According to current rules, NGOs must raise 10 per cent of their Sida grant to be eligible for these funds. But most of the potential new players identified don’t engage in fund-raising activities. Now the Foreign Ministry is considering changing the rule.

Finnish ambitions: a central role in peace mediation

Foreign Minister Alexander Stubb has presented Finland’s first policy paper on peace mediation. “The peace mediation initiative is a starting shot; the aim is to make Finland a great power in peace mediation," he said at the launch.