Sunday, December 15, 2019

DT 12 / 2010

Balkan aid: NOK 4.5 billion channelled through Norwegian actors

An evaluation of Norwegian support to the Balkan countries over the last two decades provides rare insight into the workings of politically-driven aid. Visibility has been high and the politicians are happy, in spite of lax control and criticism from the Auditor General.

No reimbursement from Tanzania. Norway withholds aid

Tanzania has yet to refund NOK 12.4 million to Norway following the embezzlement of aid for a natural resources programme. As a result, Norway is not likely to fund a new programme this year.

Denmark, EU, World Bank hold back millions in road aid

The three main donors to the roads sector in Zambia continue to withhold millions in aid following a devastating report by the Zambian Auditor General. The report points to missing funds that likely add up to millions of dollars, Development Today has learned.

Downward trend for consultants after four years under Carlsson

Sida has no overview of the funds it spends on procurement. Swedish consultants have been pressing the agency to produce these statistics for years, with no result. They say Sida puts fewer contracts out for tender while large assignments are given to state agencies without competitive bidding.