Sunday, December 15, 2019

DT 13 / 2010

Sida investigates huge annual transfers to state agencies

One in ten aid crowns handled by Sida is transferred to Swedish government agencies without competitive tendering. The Auditor General has criticised the practice. And Swedish private consultants say it is eating into their market. Now Sida has launched an investigation.  

US Senator aims to bypass weak Nordic-funded Mekong commission

A US Senator sees little hope that the Mekong River Commission can avert environmental disaster from planned hydro dams, and is calling for “multilateral action”. Nordic donors say this is the commission’s “defining moment”.

Minister Pind aims to revitalise IFU, but still cuts its funding

Danish Development Minister Søren Pind has launched an Action Plan for the reform of the Danish aid-financed risk capital fund, IFU. The purpose is to outline the fund’s role in implementing the government’s intended doubling of resources for private sector efforts in Africa to DKK 2 billion annually by 2014.

Watch out, the Taliban is googling you

In Afghanistan, your sources of funding are the key to your impartiality, says Country Representative for Médicins Sans Frontières (MSF) in Afghanistan Michiel Hofman.