Wednesday, December 11, 2019

DT 16 / 2010

Norway-Guyana forest aid slated for investment in hydro dam

The government of Guyana plans to spend most of the Norwegian forest climate aid it will receive during 2010-11 on the Amaila Falls hydropower project, which will flood thousands of hectares of pristine rainforest. Norwegian officials insist this is not a done deal. But President Bharrat Jagdeo has staked much personal prestige in Amaila

Politicians have stronger grip on aid in Norway

Poul Engberg-Pedersen has quit as head of Norad after five years in the job. The Dane was recruited to turn Norad from an implementing agency into a competence centre on Norwegian aid, a process that was initiated by his predecessor, Tove Strand.

Swedish prosecutor calls for US legal scrutiny of Volvo and Scania

Swedish police say Scania paid USD 5 million in kickbacks to the Saddam Hussein regime. The Swedish prosecutor wants to knwo if US authorities will launch an investigation. In a parallel enquiry, Swedish police have targeted Volvo officials for similar offenses.

Missionpharma blacklisted by agencies in wake of investigation

Danish police are preparing to press charges against two individuals Missionpharma suspected of paying kickbacks for a contract awarded in 2005. CEO Kim Ginnerup professes innocence. He says sales have suffered since his company was banned from tendering for UN agencies.