Wednesday, December 11, 2019

DT 18 / 2010

Swedes choose tougher line on Zambia than other donors, cutting SEK 300m

A scathing report from the Swedish Embassy in Lusaka concludes that Zambia has not fulfilled the conditions for receiving budget support. Zambia’s President has warned donors not to meddle in internal affairs and told them they can “pack their bags and go”. The Swedish government called his bluff, cancelling SEK 300 million in budget support for 2010 and 2011.

Gunilla Carlsson walking a ‘clear, lonely line’

The Swedish Development Minister has not shied away from tough decisions. She has taken on the Global Fund, IFAD and the Zambian government. “When I walk this line, I am of course not a big nation. I am Sweden. But we have our values. And we must stand firm to them,” she says in an interview with Development Today.

Norwegian financing for studies of two mega-dams in Ethiopia

Norway is providing aid financing for the studies of two enormous hydropower projects along the Blue Nile River in Ethiopia, the Mandaya and the Beko-Abo. With a combined generating capacity of 4,100 megawatts, Mandaya and Beko-Abo are among the largest hydropower projects being planned in Africa today.

IDA 16: Moment of reckoning for the World Bank

As cash-strapped Western donors prepare to gather in Brussels in mid-December to decide on the next three years of funding for the World Bank’s grant and soft loan arm IDA, the looming question is: Will China and other emerging donors put cash on the table? The signals are not promising.