Thursday, December 12, 2019

DT 19 / 2010

High dams in Ethiopia put Nile cooperation to the test

When Norway launched an aid package for Ethiopia to study two of the largest hydropower projects in Africa, the political prospects for cooperation along the Nile appeared good. A year later, the political rhetoric is strident. Ethiopia has pushed ahead with a Nile agreement that Egypt and Sudan refuse to sign. The dams would fundamentally change the hydro-political balance in the Nile Basin. DT asks how Norway views its role.

GAVI launches new vaccine, but funding gap remains

GAVI has announced the launch of a brand new pneumonia vaccine in Nicaragua, just a few months after the drug was introduced in rich countries. But the vaccine agency has a daunting USD 3.7 billion funding gap, a large part of which is needed to finance the distribution of pneumonia vaccine in dozens of other developing countries.

Pind prepares for political battle over IFU’s future

There will be no privatisation of the Danish aid-financed risk capital fund IFU, but the fund will be allowed to invest in emerging economies, Development Today has learned. Formal decisions about the future of IFU have been postponed until January. Meanwhile, Development Minister Søren Pind prepares for a battle with the Ministry of Finance over IFU.

Donor fatigue leads to use of local channels in Somalia

Twenty years after the collapse of the central government in Somalia, donors are still struggling to find cooperation partners for long-term aid. The central government is unable to provide services to its people and donors have sought out regions where there are functioning administrations.

Solheim: Deng Xiaoping deserves a peace and development prize

Four days after the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded in absentia to Chinese democracy activist Liu Xiaobo, Norway’s Development Minister Erik Solheim says that if the UN had a peace and development prize it should go to Deng Xiaoping.