Wednesday, December 11, 2019

DT 20 / 2010

Sida downsizes: 50 fired, dozens more leave voluntarily

The Swedish aid agency Sida has decided to get rid of almost one in six staff in a dramatic move to downsize the organisation in response to tight financial means. The government is keeping the rope tight and has demanded that Sida repays an accumulated deficit of SEK 48 million by the end of 2012.

Norway impatient with FAO reforms. Sweden gives core funding

Sweden replaces Norway as a provider of programme support to the Rome-based FAO. Norway has taken back control of its funding to the UN agency, while the Swedes are satisfied with the progress of reforms, and have signed a four-year agreement for core support.

Cash-strapped Western donors save IDA. China fails to step up

The UK, the US and Japan saved IDA during negotiations earlier this month over future funding of the agency. Emerging powers like China and Brazil failed to scale up funding. Among the Nordics, Norway gives less priority to the World Bank.

Support for UN emergency fund may be waning

With its highest pledge to date of USD 66 million for 2011, Sweden is for the first time the largest donor to the UN’s emergency relief fund. The fund remains top-heavy with ten donors, including four Nordics, providing 90 per cent of the money. And overall support may be on the decline.

Danish fraud hunters closed 100 cases in the past two years

The Foreign Ministry in Copenhagen has released almost 200 documents about possible fraud and corruption in Danish aid. The documents provide a unique insight into Danish efforts to combat corruption. No amount is too small for the Danes to take action, but the big fish are harder to catch.