Monday, December 16, 2019

DT 9 / 2010

Game changer. Cash-strapped donors wait for China to step up

World Bank donors met in Mali earlier this month to negotiate the latest round of replenishment of IDA. Short of funds, the OECD donors are waiting for new powers China, Brazil and India to come forward with commitments to fund World Bank programmes in the poorest countries.

Corruption costs Zambia dearly. SEK 600m in donor funds frozen

The corruption scandal in the Zambian Health Ministry, first revealed by a whistleblower more than a year ago, has so far resulted in a total of more than SEK 600 million in Swedish and Dutch aid being withheld. The payment of Swedish budget support for 2010 worth SEK 154 million is also delayed.

Fails to spot ‘missing link’ in Norway’s tool box

A new evaluation of Norwegian private sector tools hails the success of the Norwegian risk capital fund Norfund and its role in establishing SN Power. However, it fails to address the lack of a scheme for financing infrastructure in Africa, where Norwegian publicly-owned companies do not necessarily have an ownership interest.

A ‘Swedish NOREPS’ to help firms into post-disaster market

Swedish businesses are not well placed to compete for contracts in Haiti. Their strength is a “systems approach" with an emphasis on high quality, while UN agencies tend to procure in “bits and pieces" based on the lowest price. To give them a fighting chance in the post-disaster market, consultant Lars Klöfver proposes the creation of a preparedness network along the lines of NOREPS.