Sunday, December 15, 2019

DT 1 / 2011

Global Fund is ‘punished by donors for fighting corruption’

The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria is being punished by donors for being tough  on corruption, says the Fund’s Inspector General. Recent media reports about corruption in the Global Fund have triggered a sudden decision by three donors - Denmark, Germany and Ireland - to freeze support.

Heated ideological row over Danish aid. Pind drops three recipients

Development Minister Søren Pind has started an ideological war over Danish aid and minimised the influence of aid organisations on politics.

New development agenda of emerging powers

The G20 has become a powerful block with a development policy that focuses on growth and infrastructure, but makes no mention of climate, gender or good governance. Norway, not a member of either G20 or the European Union, struggles to remain relevant by courting member countries in the Group of 20.

Danida contracts 2010: NIRAS dominates, no contracts for Carl Bro

The Danish firms NIRAS and COWI dominated the Danida consultancy market last year, DT’s annual review shows. After a very slow previous year, a total of 19 contracts were signed in 2010 worth DKK 200 million.

SEK 2 billion in Swedish guarantees and soft loans

The Swedish aid agency Sida committed guarantees and loans amounting to more than SEK 2 billion last year. The lion’s share went to Eastern European countries. The agency has so far taken no losses on its guarantees.