Thursday, December 12, 2019

DT 11 / 2011

Missionpharma enters plea settlement. DKK 200m in lost UN contracts

In an out-of-court settlement, the pharmaceutical supplier Missionpharma has admitted to paying kickbacks in connection with a UNDP contract in 2007, according to the Danish State Prosecutor. The company will pay DKK 22 million in fines and compensation for illegal profits. But losses resulting from being blacklisted from the UN market are much larger. Missionpharma insists it was not corruption.

Hautala aims for continued growth in Finnish aid

Finnish Development Minister Heidi Hautala (Greens) is in an open battle with the Finance Ministry over next year’s aid budget. Hautala is pushing for Finland to hold to earlier commitments to increase aid.

Denmark cuts aid to Global Fund and UNESCO

The Danish government has presented a budget for 2012 that will cause a further drop in the country’s level of foreign aid. The Global Fund takes one of the toughest hits, facing a cut of DKK 30 million due to doubts about its control systems for avoiding corruption. This might all change if the current government loses the election scheduled for mid-September.

Highest risk of corruption in GAVI cash grants

The internal auditor of the vaccine alliance GAVI Cees Klumper is focusing his efforts on cash grants which, he says, have the highest risk of corruption. Currently, GAVI cash grants in five African countries are affected by concerns about misuse of funds.

Bypassing World Bank fund to provide forest aid for Guyana

Norway has decided to disburse forest climate aid for Guyana, bypassing a mechanism that was set up to avoid the risk of corruption.