Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Danish firms win UN security contracts

Danish companies and NGOs have won aid-financed contracts amounting to USD 8 million so far this year, according figures from the Copenhagen-based United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS). 

The largest projects are related to mine clearing and security and the names of several suppliers are being kept secret for security reasons. Development Today has obtained the figures from the UNOPS database for procurement and only contracts larger than USD 100,000 have been included.

The largest contract worth USD 4.3 million went to Danish Mine Action and Security Contractors for providing bomb disposal equipment for civilian capacity building and law enforcement in Pakistan. The project is funded by the European Union.

Copenhagen Global A/S and Africa Automotive A/S have both won contracts for supplying vehicles to Sudan, amounting to USD 1.049 million and USD 643,152, respectively. Both contracts are funded by the UN Development Program.

For three contracts, names of suppliers are being withheld for security reasons. Two of these contracts amount to USD 444,444 each and are related to mine action programmes in Afghanistan. A third contract is worth USD 104,000. All three contracts are financed by the United Nations.

The Geological Survey of Denmark meanwhile won a USD122,895 contract funded by the World Bank, and Danchurchaid will carry out a study in the Democratic Republic of Congo for the UN. The contract amount is USD 120,000.

UNOPS carries out procurement for the UN system and many other multilateral organisations including the World Bank and the European Union.