Wednesday, December 11, 2019

DT 17 / 2011

Bypassing Africa. Donors pour climate aid into emission reductions

New data on climate aid financing shows that donors are failing miserably to live up to past promises. Funds are not “new and additional” and the overwhelming emphasis on mitigation - reducing emissions - instead of helping countries adapt to climate change serves donor interests over those of Africa. Norway is, in this regard, one of the worst offenders. Dutch, Swedish and Finnish climate aid favours adaptation over mitigation.

Vows to ‘cut down on forest of policies’

The Swedish Foreign Ministry will reduce the number of overlapping policy documents steering the aid portfolio and concentrate more on long-term results.

Norway-Brazil forest carbon deal caught in time lag

Norway’s innovative and ambitious forest climate agreement with Brazil is caught in a time lag, with political events overtaking the terms of the deal. As Norway announces another NOK 1 billion in aid for past reductions in deforestation, the Brazilian Senate passes a law that opens for massive clearing of the Amazon.

Auditor General reveals weak management of Afghanistan aid

Proper documentation related to several programmes was lacking when the Auditor General scrutinised Norway’s disbursement of NOK 362 million of aid to Afghanistan last year. Despite the huge corruption risk, Norway did not ask for audits.

Assessment of UN agencies gives unclear message

The Norwegian Foreign Ministry has carried out an assessment of 29 UN agencies and multilateral institutions. The usefulness of such a review is questionable, since the results are not comparable.