Thursday, December 12, 2019

DT 19-20 / 2011

Sweden, Denmark and Finland pledge increases in Afghan aid

Nordic combat units will be pulled out of Afghanistan over the next two years and annual military costs will be slashed by hundreds of millions of dollars. Sweden, Denmark and Finland have pledged sharp increases in bilateral aid to Afghanistan, while Norway, the largest Nordic Afghan donor, will keep its aid at the current level. Nordic aid to Afghanistan amounts to USD 350 million.

Cautious donor reactions to plight of Swedish journalists in Addis

Amid calls for use of the aid weapon as a means of presssuring Ethiopia to release two jailed Swedish journalists, donors are expressing cautious concern. Deputy chief of Human Rights Watch Jan Egeland chides donors for going to bed with the authoritarian regime in Addis.

Danes aim to influence EU aid policy

From January Denmark assumes the Presidency of the European Union. Key aid policies are up for discussion, and Development Minister Christian Friis Bach aims to leave clear Danish fingerprints.

Local judge says municipality’s support for SEKAB was ‘illegal’

An administrative court in Northern Sweden has ruled that Örnskjöldsvik Municipality’s decisions to give millions of crowns in financial support to the Swedish biofuel company SEKAB were invalid.