Monday, December 09, 2019

DT 2 / 2011

UN agencies to revamp outdated audit disclosure rules

Three UN agencies are preparing a joint proposal on how to open up access to their internal audits. Current rules permit only member states to view audit reports. The move is prompted by complaints from the Global Fund that it is denied access to UNDP audits, hampering the Fund’s ability to monitor grants that are managed by UNDP.

Finland stands by Nordic UN think tank, Norway opts out

The Finnish ambassador in Oslo is pushing Norway to resume funding of the WIDER institute, the only Nordic UN development think tank. Norway terminated its funding of the cash-strapped Helsinki-based centre in 2008. The institute is part of the UN University and is ranked among the world’s top ten development think tanks.

GEF chief criticises narrow climate focus of forest aid

When Norway made its historic announcement in 2007 to commit up to NOK 3 billion annually for the protection of rainforest, the Global Environment Facility - up till then the largest multilateral financer of forest projects - was passed over. The GEF chief critcises Norway's climate-centred approach to forest aid.

Sida’s changing NGO profile

Development Minister Gunilla Carlsson’s influence on the Sida NGO profile is beginning to be felt. An overview by Development Today shows that Swedish organisations working on women, children and environmental issues have received big boosts in funding since 2009, while support to traditional NGOs is cut back.

Norwegian hydropower actors eye burgeoning Ethiopian market

Promoting investment by Norwegian hydropower companies is a top priority of Norwegian aid to Ethiopia, according to a Foreign Ministry report. A large delegation representing the Norwegian dams industry will travel to Addis Ababa in late March to explore business opportunities.

Norconsult on trial. Prosecutor wants confidential World Bank report

Nowegian police want the World Bank to release a confidential report about the Bank’s internal investigation of alleged bribery involving the leading Norwegian consultant Norconsult, related to a water and sanitation project in Tanzania financed by the Bank.