Monday, December 09, 2019

DT 3 / 2011

Sudan and Egypt to bear brunt of impacts from Ethiopian mega-dam

Sudan and Egypt are likely to shoulder the negative consequences of the massive Mandaya hydropower project, one of several dams that Ethiopia plans to build on the Blue Nile River. Consultants’ studies, financed with Norwegian aid, will however focus mainly on impacts within Ethiopia’s borders. For environmental and social impacts in Sudan and Egypt, they will rely on secondary sources.

Swedfund, Norfund unlikely partners for Danish fund in Mauritius

It will be difficult for Norway and Sweden to support a new Danish-sponsored guarantee fund for African firms because the fund is located in a tax haven.

Habitat, ILO, FAO under pressure after British, Swedish reviews

The recent British aid review and the Swedish multilateral assessment of 2009 came to similar conclusions about the efficiency of UN agencies that both donors examined. Habitat and ILO received low scores in both reviews, and are being pressed financially to reform. FAO’s troubles are well known; DfID has placed the agency on probation.

World Bank will not participate in Norconsult trial

A trial against the Norwegian engineering firm Norconsult, accused of paying bribes to Tanzanian officials on a World Bank project, will start in May without the Bank’s own investigation report being used as evidence. The World Bank enjoys immunities that prevent it from participating in national trials.

Plan Sweden surges, Palme Centre regroups after cuts

The child sponsorship agency Plan Sweden and the union-related Palme Center will this year receive the same amount of funding from Sida: SEK 45 million. But over the past five years, Plan’s funding has surged to reach this level, while Palme Center’s has been cut in half. These shifts reflect dramatic changes in Sweden's approach to NGOs.

Oslo rejects plea for support from Helsinki-based UN think tank

Norwegian Development Minister Erik Solheim has turned down a new Finnish request for support to the WIDER institute, the Helsinki-based UN development think tank.