Wednesday, December 11, 2019

DT 6 / 2011

Sida positive to Tanzania biofuel project, but keeps paper trail secret

Sida is interested in providing a guarantee for a biofuel project in Bagamoyo, Tanzania. In 2009, the agency turned down a request to support the project - owned at the time by the Swedish firm SEKAB. This time, Sida is more positive, but is being unusually secretive about the details.

SN Power writes off loss of NOK 130m, exits Trayenko project in Chile

SN Power has admitted defeat in the Trayenko hydropower project in Chile and abandoned its investment. The Norwegian company tried various strategies to deal with opposition from indigenous Mapuche communities - short of using force to push the project through. SN Power’s chief for Latin America Nils Morten Huseby reflects on what went wrong.

Mbeki on Sudan: an agreement on oil needed before independence

An agreement on oil revenue needs to be in place before Southern Sudan separates from the rest of Sudan in less than two months, says African Union top mediator in Sudan Thabo Mbeki, the former President of South Africa.

What True Finns want to do with aid

Little is known about what the Euro-sceptic True Finns Party - which surprised the world by winning 19 per cent of the popular vote in last month’s Finnish election - want to do with aid.

UN agencies to disclose audits, fear reduced funding

The three UN agencies - UN Development Programme, the UN Office for Procurement Services and the UN Population Fund - have in a recent report presented a range of options to their joint Executive Board on how to open up access to their internal audits. Current rules permit only member states to view audit reports.

Greening UN procurement to give Swedish firms an edge

Sweden has for years been a so-called “under-utilised donor” in the multilateral aid market. The Foreign Ministry in Stockholm aims to turn this around.