Wednesday, December 11, 2019

DT 7 / 2011

UN tribunal clears suspect in UNDP-Missionpharma kickback case

UNDP must pay USD 140,000 in compensation to a former employee, Roberto Garcia, who was fired after wrongfully being linked to a case of suspected bribery, the UN Dispute Tribunal has ruled. Garcia was suspected of corruption on a large Missionpharma contract handled by UNDP on behalf of the Global Fund. The tribunal fully exonerates him, finding no evidence of wrongdoing.

Denmark links aid and increased military action to fight piracy

A new strategy on combating piracy combines increased Danish aid to Somalia with intensification of military and other efforts. Denmark is open to extending the mandate of international military operations against pirates to attacks on Somalian soil.

Gates, Norway, UK likely to be top GAVI donors

The American philanthropist and business magnate Bill Gates said in Oslo recently that the Gates Foundation, Norway and the United Kingdom will commit substantial increases in funding of the vaccine alliance GAVI at the pledging meeting in London.

Looming financial crisis for key UN agencies

UN agencies operate increasingly as agents of a handful of donors, carrying out missions based on earmarked financing. Core funding for UN agencies is dropping sharply across the board making them less independent. This is the consistent message in documents from the key UN agencies ahead of their annual board meetings.

No Nordic DFI investment in Bagamoyo ethanol project

Bagamoyo EcoEnergy Ltd, owned by a Mauritius-based holding company, is seeking a guarantee from Sida to establish a sugar cane plantation and ethanol production facility in Tanzania. The company states in an investment proposal that a number of DFIs have expressed interest in investing in African agro-energy. But in the Nordic region, no DFIs have committed to invest in Bagamoyo.