Monday, December 16, 2019

DT 9-10 / 2011

Unspent forest climate aid could exceed NOK 3 billion this year

Frustration is growing over the slow disbursement of Norway’s forest climate aid funds. Only a small fraction of funds allocated last year to Brazil, Indonesia and Guyana, the three key countries in the Norwegian forest climate portfolio, has been disbursed. Critics say the process risks losing momentum and political legitimacy.

New era for FAO. Graziano succeeds Diouf

The recent appointment of the Brazilian economist José Graziano da Silva as Director General of the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) is seen as a long-awaited turning point for the embattled UN agency. Graziano was not the donors’ choice. But if he can deliver concrete results on reform - and soon - they will loosen the purse strings.

Nile Basin donors stunned by Ethiopia’s unilateral move

Donors that have supported the Nile Basin Initiative over the past decade are nervous about Ethiopia’s unilateral decision to build the giant Renaissance Dam. At a recent meeting in Copenhagen, they agreed that it is too soon to panic, and have made no public statements. But they worry that Ethiopia’s overture has completely bypassed the mechanisms intended to enhance cooperation on river use.