Sunday, December 15, 2019

DT 10-11 / 2012

Zero disbursements to Brazil in 2011, Norway reports one billion in aid

Norway committed NOK 1 billion in rainforest aid to Brazil last year, but no disbursements were made. Still, Norway has reported the full amount as ODA in 2011. The OECD is having none of it. The Paris-based donor watchdog says aid cannot be reported until the money is received by the counterpart.

Fallout from Zambia health corruption scandal: tough lessons for Sweden

Interview: Georg Andrén. In the Zambia corruption scandal of 2009, SEK 7 million in Swedish aid to the country's health sector was stolen. Sweden responded by freezing more than a half a billion crowns in aid. Did the punishment fit the crime?

Scales back on UN, expands climate aid

Norwegian aid budget 2013: Norway increases aid by NOK 2.4 billion in 2013, the lion’s share of growth going to rainforests, renewable energy, vaccines and health. Key UN agencies lose ground in next year’s budget.

Mekong critics missing the mark

The Finnish government is deeply worried about mainstream hydro development in the lower Mekong basin. But the calls for donors to cut support to the Mekong River Commission are ‘premature’.

Pöyry will be test case for new NDF anti-corruption regime

NDF has launched an anti-corruption policy that permits cross-debarment of entities blacklisted by other financing institutions. A Pöyry firm, debarred by the World Bank, is a test case for the new regime.