Sunday, December 15, 2019

DT 16 / 2012

Friis Bach bucks donor trend, aims for more budget support

Budget support, where donors inject funds directly into the state coffers of recipient governments, allowing them to set their own priorities, is falling out of favour in Sweden, Norway and the EU. Danish Development Minister Christian Friis Bach acknowledges it carries political risks. But he insists that budget support promises the best results in the long term, and he is willing to fight for it.

Donors in Kampala freeze more aid

Nine donors have withheld USD 270 million in budget support to Uganda, arguing that the recent corruption scandal has caused a “breach of trust”.

OECD: nuclear disarmament not reportable as aid

Norway has explored the possibility of reporting its nuclear disarmament efforts as aid. But the OECD, which monitors development assistance, rejects this interpretation of its rules.

Costa Rican scam: three Finns charged for ‘gross embezzlement of aid funds’

USD 8 million in bribes were allegedly paid to secure a Finnish company medical equipment contracts in Costa Rica a decade ago. The trial of three Finns starts in January.