Monday, December 09, 2019

DT 2 / 2012

Nordic comeback in UN top ranks. Mona Sahlin aims for helm of ILO

The Nordics have secured a number of top UN positions in recent months, bringing to an end the downward trend in Nordic influence. Veteran Jan Eliasson is appointed the Secretary General's depty. The countries now have their sights on the helm of ILO with coordinated backing for the former Deputy Prime Minister of Sweden Mona Sahlin.

‘Quick and brutal’ cuts at Global Fund

Since a new General Manager was appointed at the Global Fund in February, he has restructured the agency and cut 100 staff posts. The donors applaud.

Hydropower and rainforests. Norway consolidates aid

Norway’s new Development Minister will head directly to the power centre of international aid, the World Bank, on his first trip after taking office. In an interview with Development Today, Heikki Holmås confirms that energy will remain a key issue on his agenda.

Mekong scientist: critical juncture for donors

Nordic donors, led by Finland, are keeping the Mekong River Commission alive. It is time for them to play hardball with countries in the region, says hydrologist Juha Sarkkula.

Volvo officials convicted in Oil for Food scam

A Swedish court has found two former Volvo officials guilty of violating UN sanctions by facilitating kickback payments to the Saddam Hussein regime in Iraq in exchange for truck contracts under the UN Oil for Food programme.

NDF mulls new policy on combating corruption

The Nordic Development Fund is revamping its anti-corruption guidelines. How can a small regional aid agency relate to multilateral cross debarment without it becoming an administrative burden?