Sunday, December 15, 2019

DT 6-7 / 2012

Most Norwegian aid slips under radar of Chinese Nobel anger

Almost two years after China cut off political relations with Norway, aid to the Asian giant remains at the same level, but some actors have been forced to terminate activities due to the strained relations. The future for Danish aid-related activities looks brighter. (See related story)

Sino-Danish renewable energy centre open for business

Six years after Denmark launched a wind energy aid programme in China, a national centre for renewable energy is established in Beijing with Danish support.

Fake invoices, order splitting used to steal cash grants from GAVI

Reports released by GAVI’s inspector general reveal the devious ways USD 6m in cash grants - aimed at supporting health systems - were stolen.

Pöyry subsidiary barred from World Bank procurement

The World Bank has accused Pöyry Management Consulting Oy of “submitting false invoices and providing improper benefits” for Bank staff. A company representative says  to Development Today that the company’s staff has not been involved in anything illegal. (Updated)

Racing against climate change to build dams in Bhutan

As climate change threatens to dry up Bhutan’s rivers, NVE assists the mountain kingdom to prepare for massive dam building. SN Power is a possible investor.