Wednesday, December 11, 2019

DT 8 / 2012

Norad advises Tanzania on oil, keeps Statoil at arm’s length

Tanzania is on the brink of becoming an oil and gas nation. As it seeks Norwegian assistance in designing legal and policy frameworks to handle this new wealth, Statoil is set to reap the benefits from two historic offshore finds.

NGOs challenge Pöyry over Mekong dam report

The Finnish consultancy firm Pöyry has been accused of violating OECD guidelines for multinational companies on a hydropower project in Laos. The complaint is “unfounded,” a Pöyry spokesperson says.

Wary of Ethiopian villagisation

A consultant's report concludes that Ethiopia’s plan to resettle 1.5 million nomadic people in formalised villages has triggered considerable social and ecological disruption. It recommends that Finland step in to limit the damages.

‘Aid can’t buy peace’: lessons for Burma

Scholars of Norway’s engagement in the failed Sri Lankan peace process see lessons for the current Norwegian efforts to promote peace in Burma.

Friis Bach lowers flag over Danish aid

In his first aid budget hammered out from scratch, Development Minister Christian Friis Bach increases funding for UN agencies, pledges more budget support and wipes out the budget line for his predecessor’s Africa Commission.

Counting on climate funds to fill aid gap

Heidi Hautala’s aid budget remains frozen at the same level as last year. Her only hope to reach the 0.7% of GNI goal by 2015 is a plan to use revenues from the auction of emission allowances.