Sunday, December 15, 2019

DT 1 / 2013

Norway-Guyana deal. How aid officials were sidelined

Norway’s unlikely NOK 1.5 billion partnership with Guyana, a country that was virtually unknown in Oslo, was only possible because two ministries - Environment and the aid portfolio in Foreign Affairs - were controlled by one minister, Erik Solheim, and he had the ear of the “environment side”.

Despite war, unresolved fraud, Global Fund resumes grants in Mali

Corruption in Mali three years ago was one of the triggers of the massive reform of the Global Fund. In spite of the volatile security situation and unresolved cases of fraud, the fund is back in business in Mali.

Norway should open oil scheme to foreign consultants

Norway’s prestigious Oil for Development programme could be scaled up substantially. The main constraint is self-imposed; Norway insists on using its own experts, mainly from public agencies.

Pöyry’s role in Mekong dam under scrutiny

Questions are being asked in Helsinki and Vientiane about the role of the Finnish consultant firm Pöyry in the controversial Xayaburi dam project, first on the Mekong lower mainstream.

Danish firms dominate in Bangladesh aid, Sweden eyes bigger role for private sector

Half of Danish aid to Bangladesh is business-related. Sweden would also like to see more private sector aid, as well as more general trade with Bangladesh.

Scania to court over SEK 3m kickback fine

A Swedish prosecutor has issued the Swedish truck producer Scania CV AB with a SEK 3 million fee for not doing enough to prevent kickback payments to the Sadam Hussain regime in Iraq related to contracts under the UN Oil for Food Programme more than a decade ago.