Sunday, December 15, 2019

DT 12 / 2013

OECD tells Sweden to hurry up with new aid policy platform

In the recent peer review of Swedish developent assistance, the Paris-based OECD is running out of patience. The report points to the “forest of policies” governing Swedish aid and urges that the “eagerly awaited” aid policy framework is finally completed.

Finland counts on carbon credit auction income to boost support to UN agencies

The biggest increase in Finland’s 2014 aid budget goes to two multilateral development banks, while funds to UN agencies are frozen.

New aid minister inherits budget after Carlsson’s sudden exit

A former police detective takes over the Swedish aid portfolio, which amounts to SEK 38.4 billion next year with a primary focus on preventing child mortality and maternal health in Africa.

Norwegian aid in the blue

In Norway, the aid community is bracing for a dramatic shake up as the country will likely get its bluest cabinet in modern history.