Saturday, January 25, 2020

Monitoring business sector aid in Tanzania

A consultant in the field of monitoring and evaluation is required by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the fourth phase of the Danida-financed Business Sector Programme Support in Tanzania.  

The ministry seeks to design a monitoring and evaluation system for the business support programme that is sufficiently robust to systematically collect, analyse, report and communicate the progress of the programme throughout its implementation.

Furthermore, it is the ambition to create a system that allows continuous learning, enabling the programme management to

According to the ministry, there have been mixed experiences with the monitoring of programme implementation during the previous phases. While some data has been collected, the understanding of programme achievements, as a whole, has been limited.

Denmark is therefore recruiting a consultant who can, throughout the lifetime of this fourth phase, support the development and implementation of a solid M&E system, monitor the collection of relevant data and support the Embassy to communicate achievements and lessons learned.

The deadline for applications is November 6, 2013.