Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Support for Sida’s loans & guarantees

Sida has an ambitious policy of using development assistance to leverage participation from other funding sources, including the private sector. In 2009, the aid agency introduced an untied loan and guarantee facility.

The most recent initiative supported through this facility is the Global Health Investmentment Fund where Sida and the Gates Foundation are committing partial guarantees.

Sida now announces a tender for a framework agreement to provide a range of expertise that Sida can draw on for support to Sida’s project and programmes with focus on development financing.

The consultants tasks will include performing economic and financial analysis of initiatives and counterparties in preparation of the Sida decision; analysing interventions and due diligence of the parties in the financial structure for the purpose of developing financing; identifying potential guarantors, lenders and other contributors; as well as conducting financial risk assessment and providing legal advice.

The consultants will also be asked to assess the sustainability of the financial structure and its parties to minimise the risk of defaults under guarantees or other financial instruments.

The deadline for submitting tenders is November 15, 2013.