Monday, December 16, 2019

DT 16 / 2013

Global Fund suspends key mosquito net supplier, Vestergaard

Vestergaard, until recently the largest supplier of mosquito nets to the Global Fund, is temporarily suspended. Another Danish firm, Missionpharma, barred three years ago, has yet to be reinstated.

End of Oslo safe haven for DVB. Burmese exile media heads home

A decade ago, the Democratic Voice of Burma broke free from political affiliation with the Burmese democracy movement. Now donors are turning off the tap and DVB is striving to become a commercial media outfit.

Norway reserves USD 80 million for Amaila hydro dam in Guyana

Guyana and Norway remain committed to the Amaila Falls dam project, though IDB has removed it from its active pipeline and future financing remains unclear.

Nordics resist World Bank bid to fill IDA funding gap with loans

The World Bank wants loans from donors to close a massive funding gap in IDA. Many Western donors, hit by austerity and tempted by a cheaper way to fulfill their World Bank pledges, have jumped on the band wagon. Nordics fear the move will hurt IDA funding in the long term.