Tuesday, December 10, 2019

DT 19-20 / 2013

New team of Nordic ministers

Within the space of two short months in the fall four new faces took charge of the Nordic aid portfolio. Only one of them resulted from a change of government.

Sida aims to increase subsidies for companies involved in aid

The Swedish aid agency Sida is embracing commercial firms as a crucial force for change in poor countries after testing new methods of cooperation with the private sector. “Private sector actors should be as relevant partners [for Sida] as the civil society or governments,” says Anna Rosendahl, Head of Private Sector Collaboration at Sida, to Development Today.

Norway’s oil fund expands in Africa

Norway holds the world’s largest sovereign wealth fund built up on oil revenues. The giant investor could become an important tool for investments in developing countries.  

Finland tones down criticism of Ethiopian mass resettlement scheme

Finland has been monitoring the controversial Ethiopian resettlement programme – “villagisation” – for two years, and finds no evidence that people are being forced to move.