Tuesday, December 10, 2019

DT 3 / 2013

Danes resume state aid to Zimbabwe in recognition of new constitution

Denmark makes a symbolic grant to the Zimbabwean government, breaking a decade ban on state aid. Norway also has plans to start providing aid through state channels. But there are mixed reactions from human rights activists to the timing of the policy change.

Sida NGO frame grants. A foot in the door

Assessments have been completed of 14 organisations competing for Sida multi-year frame grants - both NGOs that have received frame funds for years and “new” NGOs trying to get a foot in the door. Now it’s up to Sida to decide who’s in and who’s out. Read the conclusions of the consultants’ reports.

Auditor General: donors ignore danger signs in Malawi health aid

Antibiotics and malaria drugs are disappearing from depots in Malawi’s hospitals at an alarming rate. Norway’s Auditor General has quantified the leakage and warns donors to take heed.

Finnish budget support to Mozambique at risk after China logging scam

Development Minister Hautala is re-thinking general budget support to Mozambique following revelations of corruption at the highest levels of government linked to illegal exports of timber to China.