Thursday, December 12, 2019

DT 4-5 / 2013

Foreign NGOs take growing share of Swedish humanitarian funding

MSF Sweden remains Sida’s main NGO channel for humanitarian funding. Over the past eight years, however, Sida support for non-Swedish actors like Oxfam has skyrocketed, while funding for Swedish, mainly faith-based organisations has fallen off.

Full speed ahead for Tanzania’s fossil fuel development. Renewables on back burner

Coal and gas are fuelling Tanzania’s growing economy. Donors are looking for strategic interventions, but aid is no longer a driving force. 

Guyana aims to spend NOK 500m in climate aid on a dam in the Amazon rainforest

Guyana has doubled the amount of Norwegian climate aid it aims to spend on the controversial Amaila Falls hydropower project. This awaits a green light from both the Inter-American Development Bank and Norway.