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Business / DT 14-15 / 2014

Nordic donors, UN agencies at loggerheads over reimbursement of misused funds

When corruption hits UN projects, donors have little possibility to reclaim their lost money. Donors want repayment clauses included in their agreements, but the UN agencies are resisting. “We have not managed to include such clauses in our agreements. There is no way the bilaterals can be successful unless they play hardball and work together,” a Nordic official says to Development Today.

Denmark cuts business aid, following critical review

A critical evaluation of a key Danish private sector development scheme has resulted in the programme being put immediately on hold.

Team Finland’s US road trip

Finnish politicians lend a hand to boost procurement with multilateral institutions in New York and Washington.

Helsinki launches new business aid scheme

In spite of on-going cuts that have hit all parts of the Finnish aid portfolio, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs in Helsinki has sheltered EUR 12.5 billion in next year’s budget for a new private sector scheme that goes by the name of BEAM - the Business with Impact Programme.