Monday, December 09, 2019

DT 19-20 / 2014

The year Nordic donors devaluate their aid

Although the face value of Nordic aid remains at about the same level as in 2014, a closer scrutiny reveals that it will shrink on almost all fronts in 2015, and less aid will be available for the recipients. Read Development Today's analysis of the Nordic aid budgets for the coming year.

Heavy security measures for aid workers at Taliban frontiers

In volatile areas all over Afghanistan relief organisations manoeuvre to gain acceptance from local leaders to operate, but the security risks are high. Anna Cervi, Head of Norwegian Refugee Council’s office in Faryab, the only Western aid worker at the office, describes what it takes to operate in this fragmented environment.

Donors want more transparency from UNICEF on financial irregularity

UNICEF often works in fragile environments where corruption is rife, yet it seldom reports to Nordic donors on cases of misuse. “We are worried about the ‘unknowns’,” says a Norwegian fraud expert.

UNDP chief calls for reform in global health aid in wake of Ebola

In an interview with Development Today, UNDP’s Administrator Helen Clark calls for more holistic efforts in global health aid following the Ebola crisis, warning that a “one-disease approach” can create distortion.

Danes outspend Swedes on asylum seekers

Both Denmark and Sweden have allocated about one-fifth of their aid budgets for covering domestic costs of asylum seekers. But the Danish spending per refugee is more than double the Swedish level.