Wednesday, December 11, 2019

DT 3 / 2014

Sida aims for SEK 600m guarantee for sugar and ethanol project

Sida has given bridge financing in the form of a SEK 120 million guarantee for the EcoEnergy sugar and ethanol project in Tanzania. If the African Development Bank gives a green light for the main project, Sida is prepared to extend its guarantee to over half a billion crowns. In spite of the risks, the potential benefits are so big that it would be wrong not to support this project, Sida says.

Oxfam moves into the Nordic market

Oxfam is testing the Nordic region. Danish IBIS is weighing the pros and cons of joining the Oxfam International federation, and a small Swedish Oxfam office has just opened up.

Row over Ethiopia’s membership in EITI

The Chair of EITI Clare Short defends the board’s approval of Ethiopia as a candidate member. Human rights activists misunderstand the purpose of the initiative, she says.