Monday, December 16, 2019

DT 6 / 2014

South Sudan promised transparency, a few donors opened their wallets

Donors want the South Sudan government to stop the fighting and pay its share of the cost of the humanitarian relief effort. But they have little leverage and they are not waiting. In Oslo, USD 619 million in new money was pledged to avert a massive famine, most of it from just four donors.

Red Cross loses ground in Sweden

The Red Cross system used to be Sida’s main channel for humanitarian funding. Other relief organisations now receive more.

Syrian chemical weapons transport financed by aid

The lion’s share of costs related to Norwegian involvement in the destruction of Syria’s chemical weapons is covered by the aid budget.

‘Economic diplomacy’: Denmark to expand aid-financed twinning with state agencies

Copenhagen plans to beef up aid-financed technical assistance provided by Danish bureaucrats as part of a larger export promotion scheme.