Friday, December 13, 2019

News / DT 7 / 2014

Fiasco on the Blue Nile. Norway exits Ethiopian aid project - again

Norway has informed Ethiopian authorities that it is terminating its support for the study of two new dams on the Blue Nile River, referring to the impact of the 5,000-megawatt Grand Renaissance Dam. The mega dam, which has drawn strong critique internationally, will flood Mandaya, one of the hydropower sites for which Norway was providing financing. 

Finland most generous with NGO information funds

Development Today’s overview of state funding for NGO information activities shows that Finland provides double as much as other Nordic governments as a proportion of the aid budget.

Donors and Mekong countries at odds over continued funding of river commission

Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam want donors to continue financing the Mekong River Commission until 2030. Donors are aiming to phase out earlier.

Ministry sanctions staff for misinforming on GGGI

A judge in Copenhagen concludes that three Foreign Ministry staff are guilty of official misconduct in a process that caused former Development Minister Christian Friis Bach to leave office last November.