Wednesday, December 11, 2019

DT 8 / 2014

GAVI gears up for record replenishment. Pneumonia vaccine still takes lion’s share

The Global Vaccine Alliance (GAVI) is hoping to mobilise USD 7.5 billion from donors for its next five-year period; almost USD 3 billion of this will be spent on pneumonia vaccine through a special donor-financed arrangement, the AMC. GAVI confirms that the price it must pay for pneumococcal vaccine through the AMC is more or less locked for at least four more years. An Indian drug manufacturer claims his firm, Serum Institute, would have had a cheaper pneumonia vaccine on the market today if the donors had designed the AMC differently.

Report: Bitter, frozen relationship between Sida and Swedfund

Cooperation between the two main institutions in Swedish aid is strained, causing missed opportunities for joint development efforts. A consultant’s report describes the relationship as “frozen”. 

Norway pilots a new direction in REDD: planting trees for carbon credits

In Ethiopia, Norway is for the first time testing out a model of forest climate aid that includes planted trees and ‘climate-smart’ agriculture in the carbon accounting.

Friis Bach takes on UN top job in Geneva

The former Danish Development Minister Christian Friis Bach has been appointed Executive Secretary of the UN Economic Commission for Europe (ECE).