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DT 9-10 / 2014

Reflections on seven years of aid reforms. ‘There is still more to do’

Sweden’s Conservative development minister during seven years Gunilla Carlsson calls Swedish aid a “sleeping beauty” that she tried to wake up and shake up with her reform agenda. In her first interview since her resignation a year ago, she says to Development Today that she was not able to take on the last bastion of Swedish aid - her own ministry.

Danish aid boosts export drive, weakens focus on poor countries

In his first aid budget, Mogens Jensen (Labour), Denmark’s Trade and Development Minister, weakens the focus on poor countries while boosting activities aimed at scaling up exports.

‘Greatest risk’ to Norway’s global forest experiment is lack of donor interest

A new evaluation of Norway’s forest climate initiative warns that in spite of impressive progress in some areas, the international community’s failure to come on board jeopardises the effort. Based on figures in the report, DT estimates that unspent Norwegian rainforest funds are now approaching NOK 7 billion.

Climate quota income softens impacts of cuts in Finnish aid

Finnish development aid continues to shrink, though the Foreign Ministry insists that the situation is not as bad as the massive reductions of the 1990s.  

Norfund expands into gas, signs joint venture to scale up solar energy

Norway’s aid-funded investor Norfund is preparing to invest billions of crowns in African energy projects though expansion into gas power plants and a joint venture with Scatec Solar.

Sida aims to be an equity investor

The Swedish aid agency Sida has requested the government permission to add loans and equity investments to its private sector tool kit.