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News / DT 12 / 2015

Court to rule on compensation for abducted, injured NRC worker

A trial in Oslo that could set a legal precedent for relief organisations’ responsibility for staff injured in conflict zones around the world has been followed closely by NGO representatives. 

New, deeper cuts in Norway's aid may set priorities for years to come

The refugee crisis has paved the way for sudden and historic cuts in Norwegian aid, and the Blue-Blue government is putting its mark on the aid budget. Some areas are sheltered, while others take the brunt of the NOK 4 billion in cuts. 

Swedish government considers even more aid cuts

The Swedish government is discussing more cuts in aid to fund costs related to receiving more than a 100,000 refugees expected next year.

Guyana says Amaila dam is ‘too expensive’

The new government in Georgetown is willing to continue the climate forest partnership with Norway, but says it cannot accept the Amaila Falls hydro project - the flagship of the deal - in its current form.

Denmark would be first Nordic to leave UNIDO

The leadership of UNIDO hopes Denmark will change its mind about cancelling its membership in the agency as announced in the 2016 aid budget. 

Nordic donors exit Mekong River Commission

For the last two decades, three Nordic donors have been the river commission’s main source of funding, providing almost half of total support. From 2016, Finland and Denmark are likely to be out, leaving Sweden as the only Nordic.