Wednesday, December 11, 2019

DT 13-14 / 2015

Global Fund demands refund of EUR 9m for misused grants in Burkina Faso

As the Global Fund hones its system for handling corruption cases, it has held back USD 9 million in grants to Bangladesh, Guatemala and Nigeria as punishment for misuse in the past.

Norway wants access to Eritrea to verify safety for return of refugees

In spite of reports of massive human rights violations in Eritrea, Norway is pushing for the country to accept observers who can verify whether the situation is safe enough to send refugees back.

Finnish and Danish NGOs lay off staff as massive aid cuts become a reality

The large Finnish organisations have had to lay off 200 development specialists, but NGOs haven’t quite given up. In Denmark, however, the cuts are a done deal.

The Nordic donors: Were they ever so special?

Nordic church organisations conclude in a report that their governments have given up their “exceptional” aid model. But were the Nordics ever so special?  

Green Climate Fund aims for rapid scale-up of investments to USD 2.5b

The first eight projects approved by the Green Climate Fund (GCF) are a cautious beginning, but the fund must quickly scale up investments, the Co-chair of the fund Henrik Harboe says. Frustrated by the slow pace of project approvals, GCF Board members from India, Egypt and Saudi Arabia pushed through the ambitious, concrete investment target for 2016.