Monday, December 09, 2019

DT 3 / 2015

Critique of Gavi and Gates Foundation: ‘narrow technological focus on health’

A report by medical anthropologist Katerini Storeng sheds light on debates inside the vaccine alliance Gavi. Her interviews with global health leaders reveal that there has been fierce resistance from the Gates Foundation to using Gavi funds on health systems. Storeng says a result of these debates is that donors that have historically favoured broader approaches to health care are increasingly “buying into a narrow, technical view of health.”

Sweden’s 2015 UN allocations still pending

Sweden is now more than three months behind in informing key UN agencies of their levels of core funding for 2015.

Climate Advisers seeks huge new Norad grant

The consultancy Climate Advisers, which currently receives Norwegian aid financing to lobby the American leadership on forest issues, has approached Oslo for a new aid grant worth NOK 37.5 million.