Wednesday, December 11, 2019

DT 4-5 / 2015

Oslo embraces new World Bank fund on child health. Swedes say it’s a ‘bad idea’

Sweden and Norway’s sharply differing perspectives on global health aid are reflected in the two countries’ opposing positions on the new World Bank-managed facility on maternal and child health.

Sweden’s long road back after Zambian health aid scandal of 2009

Six long years after revelations of corruption in the Zambian health ministry caused donors to freeze their aid, Sweden is about to enter into a new agreement with the government.

Hard line from donors leant support to corruption fighters in Lusaka

The donors’ response to stolen health aid funds in Zambia in 2009 was swift and brutal. The Head of the Anti-Corruption Commission tells DT that this supported the work of investigators in Lusaka.

Norway funds new centre on dialogue in conflict-ridden Rakhine state, Myanmar

Oslo is supporting a new centre that aims to promote dialogue between Buddhists and Muslims in the troubled Rakhine state. Officials deny that Norway is taking the lead in the Rohingya issue.

Why the next Secretary General needs to shake up the UN system

The UN needs to return to its roots in the aftermath of the Second World War when it was at the heart of global cooperation and not “a liberal toy”. Thomas G. Weiss at the City University of New York challenges the next Secretary General.