Sunday, December 15, 2019

DT 6 / 2015

Finnish recipients brace for drastic cuts in funding, but Finnfund will grow

Ministry officials in Helsinki are hammering out the grim details of next year’s aid budget following a political deal that slashes aid by more than a third.

Oslo ‘can’t use aid conditionality’ to influence Myanmar on Rohingya

Norway cannot make aid to Myanmar conditional on improvements in the situation of the Rohingya because Norway gives “no aid through state channels”, says State Secretary Morten Høglund.

‘Sida avoids procurement, more professional approach’ in Denmark and Finland

Sida handles procurement in an inconsistent and unprofessional manner, Swedish consultants working in the development field say. By comparison, the Finns and Danes are clearer, tougher and more transparent.

Forest payment to Guyana on hold pending new government’s decision

Key elements in Norway’s forest deal with Guyana are being re-assessed following the recent change of government. Norway is holding back NOK 300 million.

Sida at odds with Auditor General in Oslo over aid in Bosnia

The Auditor General in Oslo has slammed a public reform programme in Bosnia-Herzegovina funded by Sweden, Norway and Denmark. It is not possible to see what Norway actually has funded, it states.