Sunday, January 19, 2020

Swedish roadworks study in Liberia

Sweden’s current strategy for development cooperation in Liberia (2008-2013) has expired and a new one is being developed. Sida is commissioning an evaluation of aid to the road sector, both to determine how well the programme was implemented and as input into the new country strategy. 

The evaluation will concentrate on a SEK 92 million programme of support for feeder roads during 2011-2014.

The study will look into how well the programme was implemented, the extent to which the Ministry of Public Works developed its capacity, whether rehabilitation of the roads is likely to be kept up.

It should also give an opinion about what conclusions can be drawn from the programme prior to a continuation of work in the road sector. It should also propose changes that might be made.

The deadline for submission of tenders is September 6, 2015.